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Flexible Scheduling. No Wait Times, Ever.

Waiting weeks for an appointment, spending way too much time in the waiting room, and dealing with office staff that act like gatekeepers are a thing of the past. On-time, same day, or next day appointments that fit your schedule are what you can expect as a member of the Integrative Health Institute. Too busy to come in? Log on for a virtual visit with Dr. Glick. 

At the Integrative Health Institute, you will never have to wait for an appointment or get stuck in the waiting room. We respect your time, which is why on-time, same day, or next day appointments that fit your schedule are a given. Dr. Glick also offers virtual visits through a proprietary platform and are accessible via email. Find out more today about member benefits.

Integrative Health Institute

is more than a doctor’s office; it’s a destination.

We believe that true health and well-being are possible for everyone if they are motivated, engaged, and empowered with the right information, tools, and support. Contrary to previous belief, illness is not inevitable due to genetics, age, perceived limitations, and past experiences. So whether you want to dance at your daughter’s wedding, lose 10 pounds, run your first marathon, or live a healthy, disease-free life, we are here with you every step of the way.

Dr. Glick practices root-cause medicine, a unique lifestyle medicine-based approach that’s been proven to help people achieve optimal health. Dr. Glick takes the time to listen to your concerns and uncover what is actually preventing you from living your best life.

At Integrative Health Institute, the lines of communication are always open and the conversation is ongoing. Member participation is not only encouraged - it’s a vital part of the Integrative Health Institute experience. Our members build authentic, trusted relationships with their physicians and are empowered to make informed healthcare decisions throughout their lives. Finally, real healthcare you control.

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Unmatched Support & Education

Your care doesn’t end at the end of your visit,

and you’ll never leave without a thorough understanding of your health care plan. You’ll also have your own team of experts to support you every step of the way and exclusive educational tools and virtual support that are easy to use, effective, and suit your lifestyle.

Unmatched expert advice and ongoing support.

Education is the foundation of everything we do at the Integrative Health Institute. It’s our goal to ensure that every time you leave Dr. Glick's office you are more informed, confident, and empowered to live healthy. We only give you information that’s relevant to your health - never more, never less. Dr Glick takes the time to explain complicated, medical terminology in an easy-to-understand and accessible format.

As a MEmber of Integrative Health Institute,

you won’t be passed off to specialist after specialist, undergo unnecessary, time-consuming tests, or be prescribed medication that only treats your symptoms. We take the time to dig deep into your health history, address your unique concerns, and identify how various factors affect your health. As partners in your health journey, we will work together to create a customized care plan that works for you.

Your own private physician that takes the time to listen. Clear-cut answers. Expert advice you can actually use.

One-size-fits-all medicine is a thing of the past. At Integrative Health Institute, we practice a new model of care known as root cause medicine. Instead of treating symptoms, we get to the bottom of what is really preventing you from living your best life. Whether you have specific health concerns, persistent or unexplained symptoms, or simply want to enhance your health, we are here with you every step of the way. We will help you restore, protect and grow your health throughout your lifetime.

Since Dr. Glick sees just 6 or 8 members a day - significantly less than traditional practices - he has the time to really address your concerns and perform a strategic evaluation. He then works collaboratively to tailor an individualized, comprehensive care plan that’s effective and serves as the unique roadmap for your healthy life.

Dr. Glick becomes invested in your story and a trusted partner on your health journey. Finally, true health you control.

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Complete Convenience & Access

Personalized Medicine


the future of healthcare is here

Forget rushed, impersonal visits where you leave with a prescription and more questions than when you came in. At IHI, we take the time to learn about you, really listen to your concerns and start a conversation about your most valuable asset - your health. We welcome the unique opportunity to build a trusted relationship with you and become a valued partner on your health journey. In fact, your participation is not only encouraged, it’s integral to your care.

Through our unique root-cause medicine approach you’ll finally get the answers you’ve been searching for. Rather than simply treating your symptoms, managing a health condition, or asking you to make a change and hope it works, we take a comprehensive look at your genetics, your health history and your health today, as well as other factors like diet, exercise, sleep, stress, and lifestyle to find the underlying cause of your symptoms.

As a root-cause-focused physician, Dr. Glick looks at your health as a whole - mind, body, and spirit. He then devises an individualized plan that may include natural interventions, alternative therapies, and lifestyle changes to restore, protect, and optimize your health.

As an Integrative Health Institute member, you will enjoy unparalleled access to Dr. Glick and our team of experts, same day or next day appointments, flexible scheduling, home visits, and virtual visits. Our cutting-edge technology, personal health management services, informational tools and ongoing support are some of the unique features you can expect. Learn about Our Story.

Welcome to

Integrative Health Institute

Integrative & Functional Medicine at its Best!

You set goals for your career, your family, and your future, but all too often we assume our health is something that just happens to us along the way.   To get the results you desire requires personalized attention to your health by an experienced Physician.   We offer the solution to conventional health care, by providing all of our patients' a Concierge Medical Experience.  With a focus on medicine that seeks to treat the root cause of health issues, we see and create the possible where only the impossible existed.

Together with Dr. Glick, a Certified Functional Medicine Physician, you will create a personalized vision of where you want your health to take you, because your journey to optimal health is uniquely your own. 

This is personal medicine at its best, and it’s the only way we know how to care for our patients!