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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of appointments are offered?


  • In-office- we love to see our patients. Contact our front office to schedule your appointment.

  • Phone consult – the staff will email you copies of what is to be reviewed with Dr. Glick.

  • Email – if you are traveling or unable to have an in-office or phone follow up this option may work best. Dr. Glick will send you an elaborate summary regarding the reports attached. If you have questions/concerns you may still choose to schedule an in-office appointment at a later time.

  • Skype or facetime - the staff will email you copies of what is to be reviewed with Dr. Glick.

You may schedule by calling the office or emailing any of the office staff.

How do I request prescription refills?

It is preferred for patients to contact the office directly at (480) 222-4600 and not the pharmacy in order to insure: what prescription is being requested, where it is be called into, and correct dosing.  This is especially vital if you are requesting from out of state.
You can email your request to


Dr. Glick does have the capability of sending prescriptions from his phone, but please do consider turnaround time may be delayed. It is best to contact the back office staff for quicker processing.

Please Note: The staff is able to send pharmacies prescriptions electronically for non-controlled prescriptions. However controlled medications may require a hard script. If you are filling out of state, it will also be required to be printed on tamper resistant paper.

How do I obtain supplements?

Once your lab reports are processed and reviewed by Dr. Glick he will prescribe a personalized regimen of supplements according to your health needs.
Supplements can be ordered through Natural Partners, Fullscript,  Xymogen, PersonaLogix or Pure Encapsulations.  
Contact the office at 480-222-4600 or for any questions/concerns you may have.


Contact the office at 480-222-4600
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