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Dr. Bryan Glick


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Dr. Glick's Story

Dr. Bryan Glick Integrative Health Practitioner Scottsdale AZ

The sudden passing of Dr. Glick's father impacted his destiny and his determination to provide preventive medicine to his patients.  Losing someone you love, too soon, or because there was an underlying illness, was unacceptable to Dr. Glick. He has made it his life's work to help people live the best lives possible by helping them prevent major health episodes while optimizing their health. 

Dr. Glick was raised in a very fit and athletically minded


Vern Glick
Running Marathon 

Sports were encouraged.  Dr. Glick was a competitive cyclist, winning California state sprint championship on the velodrome and earning his way to Junior Nationals three years in a row.


Dr. Glick's father, Vern Glick, was a competitive runner,  running the Boston and San Francisco marathons.


Near retirement, and prior to Dr. Glick attending medical school, his father started to experience signs of peripheral vascular disease as pain in his legs with running that relented with rest.


Vern, a life-long athlete decided to stop running and bought an Olympic rowing skull (that took his legs out of the equation) and used his upper body.

Tragically, at the end of the first year of medical school, Dr. Glick's father, suddenly, during a rowing race with 2 other rowers, laid back and stopped rowing.


The autopsy showed that his father had hardening of the arteries about the brain, carotids, heart, aorta, and both legs, and likely passed from a massive heart attack or stroke.

Dr. Glick’s father was what they call a vasculopath. At the time, he had a primary care physician, a urologist, an orthopedist, and a cardiologist. None of them saw this tragedy in the making.


This family tragedy is the key motivating factor in Dr. Glick’s life. Better understanding of the patient and his or her changes in behavior, better evaluation, and diagnostic testing (guidelines aren’t good enough), better education of the patient, and better coordination of care in conjunction are meant to reverse and prevents tragedies like Dr. Glick’s father, a healthy marathon runner.


Understanding Health

Based on Dr. Glick’s understanding of the patient and the pitfalls of the healthcare system, he has built his practice on the core belief that his patients deserve the full attention of a family doctor without time constraints and inaccessibility. To practice medicine in this manner, he developed a private medicine practice in Scottsdale formerly known as Grayhawk Personal Physicians. There he provided advanced preventative care utilizing the Bale-Doneen method, a functional approach to the treatment, prevention, and reversal of cardiovascular disease.


Dr. Glick is able to see the patient as an interconnected web of systems who needs to be balanced and adjusted, rather than simply dispensing diagnoses and medications to treat singular symptoms or diseases. He utilizes health coaching along with behavioral modification techniques to educate and motivate patients to create their own wellness and improve their quality of life.


Dr. Glick received his Undergraduate Degree at UCLA in Marine Biology and graduated from the Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine. He completed his residency program locally at Banner Good Samaritan in family medicine. He has a Master’s Degree in BioMedical Sciences, and has published two articles based on this research.

Dr. Bryan Glick Homeopathic Medical Doctor Scottsdale AZ

Dr. Glick was nominated by the Arizona Academy of Family Physicians for the Walter Brazie Fellowship Award as the outstanding second-year family medicine resident in Arizona. He is a featured speaker for Vasolabs, Singulex, Cleveland Heart Labs and the American Academy of Private Physicians, Institute of Functional Medicine and serves on the board for Singulex and Epic Research Diagnostics. When he is not seeing patients, Dr. Glick enjoys yoga, cooking, golfing, mountain biking, horseback riding and woodworking.

Dr. Glick with Parents
UCLA Graduation

Awards & Honors

•     Arizona Academy of Family Physicians Walter Brazie Nominee, 2008

•     John C. Lincoln Deer Valley STAR Award,2005

Expert Certifications

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