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 Our Model of Care Is Changing Lives

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The time and pressure of our over crowded healthcare system have reduced traditional medicine to no more than "reactive repair work." Conventional medicine treats symptoms and not the cause of disease.  In reality, a symptom is a clue, not a diagnosis.


At Integrative Health Institute, we go beyond common standards of care to bring proven medical innovation to member’s health.  Preventive care matters.  Because of the importance of early detection, we utilize the best scientific approaches including advanced lab testing to detect vascular disease, cancer, and precursors to chronic illness. Providing you answers and guidance towards better health.

Dr. Glick Functional Primary Care
Our Expertise in Integrative and Functional Medicine
Led Us To Develop A Comprehensive Offering of Advanced Preventive And Diagnostic Services
We Provide You With A Focus On Individual-Specific Health Care.

Expert Experience



you won’t be passed off to specialist after specialist, undergo unnecessary, time-consuming tests, or be prescribed medication that only treats your symptoms. We take the time to dig deep into your health history, address your unique concerns, and identify how various factors affect your health. As partners in your health journey, we will work together to create a customized care plan that works for you.

Your own private physician that takes the time to listen. Clear-cut answers. Expert advice you can actually use.

One-size-fits-all medicine is a thing of the past. At Integrative Health Institute, we practice a new model of care known as root cause medicine. Instead of treating symptoms, we get to the bottom of what is really preventing you from living your best life. Whether you have specific health concerns, persistent or unexplained symptoms, or simply want to enhance your health, we are here with you every step of the way. We will help you restore, protect and grow your health throughout your lifetime.

Since Dr. Glick sees just 6 or 8 members a day - significantly less than traditional practices - he has the time to really address your concerns and perform a strategic evaluation. He then works collaboratively to tailor an individualized, comprehensive care plan that’s effective and serves as the unique roadmap for your healthy life.

Dr. Glick becomes invested in your story and a trusted partner on your health journey. Finally, true health you control.



Integrative Health Institute

Preventive Cardiology


Many of our patients arrive at the office already diagnosed with heart disease or a specific disease (e.g. diabetes, high blood pressure, and/or high cholesterol) that places them at higher risk for cardiovascular disease. Through a systems-based functional medicine approach to inflammation (the core physiologic imbalance), we utilize advanced blood testing, integrative diagnostics, genetic risk factor analysis, pharmaceutical and nutrient therapies, and lifestyle modifications to dramatically decrease a patient's risk for heart attacks and strokes and begin the process of reversal of disease. Strong emphasis is placed on therapeutic lifestyle change as the ongoing preventive “treatment” strategy.


Virtual Visits


There are times when a patient can’t leave the house or is out of town and needs to have a visit with a physician.  Either way, virtual visits provide a great opportunity to evaluate you and get you back to feeling your best. 

Minor Surgical Procedures


As primary care physicians, we are trained to perform minor surgical procedures. When necessary, we will employ a referral to a Dermatologist or an Orthopedist. Many times, though, we can perform a shave biopsy for an atypical mole or do a joint injection when necessary. Laceration repairs shouldn’t be delayed to be repaired in the office but many have been. We perform intrauterine device placement and removal amongst many other minor procedures. Again, we want to maintain control over the health care experience and send you to the appropriate specialist when prudent.


Skin Cancer Screening


We utilize cutting-edge technology in the form of the Foto Finder mole mapping system. This device allows us to detect melanoma skin cancers before concerning changes exist by creating a digital map of the mole. This map can be repeated and compared to the prior image and alerts the physician of any high risk changes observed. This technology is a must for patients with history of melanoma.


Coordination Of Care


Whether you have just been released from the hospital after open heart surgery or your spouse's memory is not what it used to be, certain situations require detailed and comprehensive coordination of care. The #3 killer of Americans is medical error. You might be surprised how little doctors communicate. At Integrative Health Institute, we believe it’s our responsibility to catch these potential harmful errors and improve the patient and their family’s journey through this healthcare hurdle.

Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC) For Chronic Disease


Statistics show that we are a nation suffering and dying from "diseases of excess." Diseases such as diabetes/pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke are caused by poor lifestyle choices. Our lifestyle program is multi-layered as we help you identify, educate, and change the aspects of your lifestyle (diet, exercise, work, stress, alcohol, etc.) that are triggering your disease/symptoms. TLC is a great example of how the body will repair and heal itself when given the right circumstances – moving you to a state of improved health and away from a disease-generating lifestyle. We understand that you likely have specific limits in your life and we work to help you find solutions that take those limits into consideration so that you have the best chance for health success. Individualizing treatments are the only path for success.

Nutrition Counseling


Specific nutrition education is a continuous and necessary part or wellness. Evaluation of the content of the diet, recommendations for specific elimination type diets, tours of grocery stores to educate patients on the pitfalls of shopping, and impromptu cooking and juicing classes are available.

Adrenal Rebuilding


Most people have experienced the close relationship between psychological stress and physical health, whether it presents as digestive complaints, sleep disorders, headaches, fatigue, menstrual irregularities, depression, or many other symptoms. The adrenal gland works to modulate the impact of these stressors on your body, but over time, especially when life stressors add up, it can become less efficient. This is the balance between fight or flight and rest and digest. Through the use of an individualized lifestyle and nutrient therapy plan, we can balance and optimize the function of your adrenal gland. We want to help you react to life’s stress in a way that doesn’t have health consequences associated. It is possible!


Alternative Vaccine Schedule


Vaccines are very important and have played an important role in limiting many serious diseases in our country. However, there are a growing number of parents interested in a different approach to immunizing their child. This private consultation allows families to individualize a vaccination schedule based on their child’s risk factors, getting fewer shots and spreading them out over more time. We feel that there are pros and cons to vaccinations, but rather than following a guideline we can individualize the schedule to your child.


Travel Vaccinations


When patients are traveling outside the country many times they require location-specific vaccinations. With usually a month's notice, we can order the appropriate vaccines and administer them prior to the trip. We also provide a medicine kit that allows us some medications to help you with minor illnesses while traveling. We are Yellow Fever certified.


GI Rehabilitation


The health of the digestive system is paramount for three main reasons. First, it is the system that gives your body what it needs to fuel and repair itself. Second, the digestive system serves an extremely important role as your body’s prime defenses from germs in your environment. Lastly, the Gut-Brain connection is well studied, and having a healthy gut is a necessity for having a healthy mind. Through Food Allergy Testing, advanced integrative diagnostic testing, and restoring optimal gastrointestinal function, we consistently see the whole-body impact through improvements in IBS, GERD, allergies, asthma, mental health, eczema, hormone irregularities, detoxification, pediatric ear/nose/throat issues, sleep quality, and anxiety and depression, to name just a few.


Natural Weight Solutions


You have all heard calories in equal’s calories out! That is simply not true. Many times is has nothing to do with exercise. Most fad and popular medically-supervised diets create false results by using methods that metabolically force the body to lose lean muscle mass and water. Unfortunately, your body needs muscle and water to live long and energetically. Our programs are individualized after thorough clinical assessments of nutrition, exercise, hormone balance, and extensive patient education in order to emphasize losing pounds of fat, not muscle or water. Treating the metabolic problem and NOT the number on the scale promotes a long-term weight solution – the real goal of weight loss.

Food Allergy Testing


An estimated one in three people has an allergy. Some of these are to airborne substances such as pollen, dust mites, or cat dander; others are to chemicals in food, household products, or the environment. However, the most common category of allergy-provoking substances is the food you eat. Many of us know we have “issues” with certain foods, but as mentioned above, it likely is a sign of GI dysfunction with common, clinically significant whole-body effects. We have access to multiple diagnostic tests to identify the insulting agents and help patients eliminate specific food allergens to resolve many conditions for which there is no long-term pharmaceutical solution. By eliminating these foods, it is common for our patients to experience complete resolution of their symptoms. The best part: after you have healed your digestive system and reduced the stress on your immune system it is possible to reintroduce some of the items back into your diet without future reactions.

Nutrition is so important that we have an educational kitchen in our office.

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