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You set goals for your career, your family, and your future. 


Yet, our health can seem like something that just happens to us along the way.   


Today we know better.  


Today, it's possible for you to have personalized,

precision medicine tailored specifically to you and your lifestyle.  


But, you need a health expert and a real relationship with your doctor; a relationship that restores, protects, and optimizes your health.

Dr. Glick specializes in Patient-Centered care and is a highly trained Doctor of Osteopathy and Certified Functional Medicine Expert.  


He is dedicated to helping people live their best health expression and lives. He is one of the best and most trusted functional medicine doctors in Scottsdale, AZ. 


Dr. Glick providing Functional Medicine to patients in Scottsdale Arizona at the Integrative Health Institute

Get To Know Dr.Glick

Doctor of Osteopathy

Dr. Glick, our Founding Physician and Medical Director is an Expert in Functional and Integrative Medicine.  He is a highly trained Osteopathic Physician and is certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine. He is uniquely qualified to care for your health.

Read how Dr. Glick transformed

personal tragedy, into his life's work. and why he practices integrative medicine in Scottsdale, AZ



Osteopathic medicine and treatments Scottsdal AZ



Family Medical Center Scottsdale AZ



Concierge Doctor Scottsdale AZ



The Future Of Healthcare Is Here

A Shift From Reaction to Prevention

The standard of care has become rushed, impersonal visits where you leave with a prescription and just more questions.

Conventional health care has been reduced to “reactive repair work” with a focus on treating symptoms rather than the cause of disease.

Dr. Glick goes beyond common standards of care with personalized, osteopathic medicine in Scottsdale AZ and precision services.

Rather than simply treating your symptoms and/or merely managing a health condition; you are seen as a whole person.  Dr. Glick uses proven medical innovation to help you heal, restore, and prevent any major health episodes.

To find the underlying cause of your health concerns, Dr. Glick takes an investigative look at your genetics, health history, current health as well as considering other factors like diet, exercise, sleep, and lifestyle. Contact us if you need an integrative health practitioner in Scottsdale AZ.

Dr. Glick
About Us

A Comprehensive Approach TO OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE


It is so amazing to have Dr. Bryan R. Glick as our Doctor. He and the entire staff at Integrative Health Institute are awesome. I have never had a Dr spend so much time and patience with me to make sure that I fully understand whats going on with my heath.

By joining his (Dr. Glick's) practice, you will instantly have a healthcare advocate and a personal physician that you can rely on to provide you with the TIME you need and the care you DESERVE in your quest for optimal health. I highly recommend Dr. Glick for anyone seeking a better healthcare experience!

Doctor Glick and his staff are the best! My " patient partnership " in this practice is the best investment in my health I've ever made. Between the comprehensive testing provided and Dr Glicks holistic and proactive approach to health management, I'm in better shape than I've been in years!

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"With Dr. Glick, you're stepping into a World of Medicine that is at least a decade ahead."
Dr. Bryan Glick Primary Care Physician
Tom Blue






Members Receive

•    Unrushed, Relaxed Appointments

•    Technology & Telemedicine Visits

•    Advocacy & Coordination of Care

•    Minor Surgical Procedures

•    Regular Meetings

•    On-Going Support

•    A Real Patient/Doctor Relationship

•    Unmatched Expert Advice

•    Health Risk Assessment

•    Precision Primary Care

•    Personalized Functional Medicine

•    Executive Physicals

Today, conventional healthcare is impacted by the fact most doctors oversee the health of 2,000 to 5,000 patients and are governed by third parties (insurance).  Fee for Service healthcare does not allow the time or freedom to create a truly therapeutic relationship between a patient and their doctor, a key factor to better health outcomes.

Dr. Glick understands the importance of the doctor/patient relationship and developed his model of care around your experience.  Instead of a large patient panel, Dr. Glick oversees the health of a very small, exclusive panel of patients to provide extended personalized care to every patient.  


As a members-only practice,  you gain unparalleled access to Dr. Glick and his team.  When you join, you will get an in-depth diagnostic and preventive view of your health.  Dr. Glick will, then, create a personalized plan for you that reflects your lifestyle and goals.  The plan is based on the results from your advanced diagnostic testing, physical examinations, and a detailed lifestyle interview. Members have on-going support and regular check-ins to monitor their health and progress.  

Membership is perfect for anyone who values their health; including professional athletes looking to gain an edge, busy professionals, moms, dads, and children needing convenient, effective care. Challenging medical cases, chronically ill, home-bound patients, and those with an unknown diagnosis are welcome. Our members range from those moderately healthy and looking to optimize their health to those with complex health issues. If you are searching for doctors of osteopathy in Scottsdale AZ, we would love to schedule a consultation with you.


We Are Here

To Serve You

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Exclusive Memberships

Why Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is an evidence-based approach to your health's interconnected web of complexities and functionality.  


Functional Medicine is beyond suppressing your symptoms or a specific disease. It is known as the "Medicine of Why"- investigative healthcare to uncover the root causes of your health issues. 


Its safe-participatory, patient-centered care that incorporates integrative sciences and leverages the best technology that is preventive and restorative.

Functional medicine is highly personalized care that considers your unique life experience and factors including:


•     Viral Load

•     Bacterial Load

•     Toxins

•     Environment

•     Genetics

•     Inflammation

•     Metabolism

•     Hormone Balance

Dr. Glick leverages the best medical technology and sophisticated laboratory tests to provide you a preventive and diagnostic view of your health. 

Advanced Diagnostic Testing

Because of the importance of early detection, Dr. Glick, through this functional medicine practice in Scottsdale, AZ, leverages leading-edge diagnostic screenings including advanced lab testing to detect vascular disease, cancer, and precursors to chronic illness. Providing you answers and guidance to a better quality of life.

Functional Medicine Practitioner SCOTTSDALE, AZ

Traditional lab tests may highlight disease, 

but they cannot measure health. By searching for key nutritional and disease markers, your advanced lab panel will give a complete picture of your current health, 

potential risks, and wellness opportunities.

21st Century Lab Panel 
Dr. Bryan Glick Integrative Medicine Scottsdale AZ
Carotid Ultrasound/CIMT

Two carotid arteries carry blood to your brain. Our painless tests show you and Dr. Glick how healthy you are today.  Rather than treating the effects of a stroke or heart attack, we will do everything possible to 

ensure you never experience either event.

Alternative Medicine Scottsdale AZ  Dr. Bryan Glick

We offer individual or a comprehensive combination of PCR and advanced serology-based antibody testing in the office. 36-hour turnaround time for your results.

Covid-19 Testing
Dr. Bryan Glick Integrative Health Practitioner Scottsdale AZ

Full Body Composition Analysis

Body Scale (GE-In Body 230) 

Traditional lab tests may highlight disease, 

but they cannot measure health. By searching for key nutritional and disease markers, your advanced lab panel will give a complete picture of your current health, 

potential risks, and wellness opportunities.

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Our Pledge To You

At IHI, your health and time matter.  We are committed to helping you live your best life. We offer accessible integrative medicine in Scottsdale AZ and, convenient care for your busy lifestyle.


We employ leading-edge science, technology, personal health management, informational tools, and on-going support to provide you with superior treatment and results.

Our Pledge

7659 E Pinnacle Peak Rd, Suite 105 

Scottsdale, AZ 85255 

Monday-Friday  8am - 5pm

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